It Was Not Because We Are Worthy

We are not worthy people, in any way shape or form.

We are dirty, filthy, rotten, slowly dying, sinful people.

And the worst part? We chose to be this way.

We had the opportunity to live in paradise with Christ, never to know sadness, never to shed a tear, never to sadden the heart of God. Yet, we chose the road that was ridden with pain, sadness, imperfection, death, and SIN.

But God, in His perfect Being, looked upon us down on earth.. dying from sin, strangling from our need for satisfaction, wracked in our human flesh…. People who spat in the face of God… People who were not even worthy to be in His sight… And what did He do? He decided to show us His GRACE and His unfathomable MERCY, by sending His one and only SON to pay the price for our sins, so that there would no longer be a separation between us and our Savior. He sent His son who knew NO sin, to take upon the sins of the world… the sins that we were drowning in.

It was NOT because we were worthy of His mercy… We are worthy of nothing. It was NOT because God needed us. He needs NO ONE. It was not because we were good…For we will never be good.

It was because God, in His Almighty power, in His never ending love, in His unfathomable perfection, chose to do it. THAT’S why.

Christians, DO NOT make the mistake of thinking that you are worthy of His love, or the sacrifice He made to bring you to Himself. Because the truth is, we are not worthy of Him in any way, shape or form.

It is through His goodness, His mercy, His grace, and His love that we are saved, and that we CAN BE saved.

Christs love is a love that is unprecedented. Unattainable for any other to become. Sure, there is love in this world. But there is only one TRUE love…. and that is the love of Christ. Until you know Him, His love, His mercy… Nothing else will ever make sense.

This post is not meant to shame anyone, or make anyone feel worthless or unable to be saved.

I simply wrote it to put emphasis on the almighty goodness of our Savior, and the depravity of man, and the fact that He loves you so much that He was willing to send His son to the cross for you. It is because He loves you that any form of peace, happiness, reconciliation, and change is even possible in this world.

Jesus loves you so much. He gave His life for you….. so why not live for Him?

Just always remember, God doesn’t need you, He wants you.


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