Today I turned 19 years old. I look back on all the years I have had so far, all the moments I have been given, and I am reminded of how truly precious life is. It only comes once, and the moments are fleeting, and the joy is constant, and the pain is there, but it is a beautiful life we live, and it should be felt and remembered in ways that will stay with us forever. The way that I remember life’s most precious moments is through photographs. I am a photographer of moments; photography is my passion, and it is something that I am just getting a taste of and would like to improve daily. So, therefore, I am challenging myself to do a year long, 365 photo-a-day challenge, starting today–on my 19th birthday, November 11th, 2014. I may fail, I may not, but starting now I am going to live life with more intentionality and start to appreciate and recognize the little things around me that I too often take for granted. I will be doing all of this with my brand new Canon 7D which I recently purchased (I am so blessed), and I am going to wake up every day hungry to learn something new about life, and about my passion in photography. Here we go, folks! Stick with me! You might enjoy the ride!:)

{Day 1}


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