World, meet my big sister. She is one of a kind. A breath of fresh air in this sad world. You know how this world is filled with people who are just angry, rude, selfish, careless and completely unloving? But then you come across those rare people who are compassionate, kind, caring, loving and constantly putting others before themselves? Audrie is one of those rare and beautiful people. She has a lot of reasons to be an angry, resentful person. Heck, we all do. Life is really hard. But she chooses to love instead. She chooses to be compassionate. She chooses to wake up, and walk throughout her day putting on the righteousness of Christ and showing it to everyone. Every sibling, every friend, every stranger, every hurting heart. She doesn’t sit around and wait for an opportunity to show someone love, she seeks them out instead. I’ve seen it my whole life.. Every life she touches is always changed in some way. Compassion and love goes a long way in this world. Audrie has a huge heart, that loves the world around her in unbelievable ways. She loves me every day in ways that I didn’t even know I needed to be loved. She loves without fear. She gives without resistance. She’s so brave, and I love her for it. Audrie, you deserve all the happiness that this life has to offer. I hope some day you look back on your life and see how absolutely beautiful it is. A life filled with love and compassion is not a wasted life.

Happy birthday, my Audge. I love you.

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