I get the incredible privilege of being a nanny to one of the cutest little munchkins in the entire world. He has the chubbiest cheeks, the most curious eyes, and the perfect little belly laugh. I have had this job for a little over two months now, and it amazes me that every single week, he has learned a few new words, his hair has gotten longer, he has gotten a little bit taller, and his hunger for life has grown even bigger. I get the privilege of watching a tiny baby turn into a little boy. God’s creation is unbelievable. I shot this picture this morning while he was eating his breakfast. I set his little bowl of vanilla yogurt with strawberries down on the tray in front of him and he just dove right in with both hands and shoved as much as he could into his little mouth without choking. It gets in his hair, all down his shirt, until it eventually reaches his toes, it covers his entire adorable little face, and he is happy as a clam. This happens at every meal. I marvel at the innocence that he is. If any of us adults ate our yogurt that way, we’d be thought to be insane. When did it not become okay to eat our food with our hands and get it all over and not even care? Beats me. And I’m not saying that we should all throw our manners out the window and start eating like one year olds again, but I just marvel at how simple life used to be, and how complicated it is now. I love watching Mikao eat, play, laugh, run, jump, explore. I get to watch his untouched innocence explore life with a hunger that I pray he never loses. It makes me so excited to be a mom. I can’t wait to watch my children’s innocence feed their hunger for life and teach them about love and laughter. I just cannot wait.

{Day 6}
Photo Challenge (6)-1


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