One of the things I love most about Washington is the fact that it has four seasons. I love the snow of winter, the vibrance of spring, the lushness of summer, and the vast array of colors of fall. Its truly beautiful. I have had the privilege of experiencing three seasons of fall while living here, and each time it gets even better. The colors become even more magical, the scent in the air even more intoxicating, the fog more enticing, the pumpkin-everything that goes on in each coffee shop becomes even more addicting, and so much more. Its a magical time, and I love it. But it always leaves after a while. The trees eventually run out of magic to shed, the ground becomes a carpet of crunchy leftover goodness, the wind begins to bite and the world starts to feel like winter again. There are only a few more leafs left on the trees in my yard, they’re hanging on just a little bit longer. But I would be lying if I said I’m not excited for my world to become my own little winter wonderland again. Washington, you treat me well.

Photo Challenge (8)-1Fall_Camp-17


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