Life gets so busy. We all lose track of time. We focus on the stress, the “To Do” lists, the insecurity, the goals that you feel you will never accomplish. We wake up, go to work, go to school, say the same things, do the same things, repeat the monotony of every day life, and seldom do we ever slow down to enjoy the moments we are given. If anything, I am the most guilty of these things. I have no right to point fingers. But I know it is something we all fall into, unknowingly. Stuff happens. I have been especially guilty of this as of late. But tonight, me and my sisters went for a drive, we cranked up the music and sang our hearts out. Time slowed down for a bit. The stress didn’t seem so bad. I was just living in the moment, and enjoying the life around me. I don’t do that often enough. These times with my sisters have always been one of the best parts of my life. Whenever we can just let go of the stress and be happy and not worry about anything but being with each other in that moment. Thats what life is all about! I have decided to make a point of doing this more often and not just letting life pass me by. There is no better time than the present to be alive. Truly alive. So, how about we all just breathe a little more ands stress a little less and live a little more and worry a little less? Good plan! Life is made to be embraced! Go give it a big fat hug!

Photo Challenge (9) 2-1


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