Two Promises

With life comes the promise of pain. Uncontrollable, unescapable, unspeakable pain. As sure as our next breath, the pain will come also. It comes in many different shapes and sizes. It wears many masks. Speaks many voices. Whether it comes in the uncertainty that looms around us, in the feeling of worthlessness that finds its way in somehow, in the suffacating brokenness of yesterday, or in the constant wonderings of tomorrow…It always has, and always will be, our most malicious monster…The enemy that steals our sleep at night…The vice that wraps around our very souls.

But with life also comes the promise of hope. Uncontrollable, unescapable, unspeakable hope. As sure as our next breath, the hope will come also. It is a hope that shines with the kind of light that no darkness can overcome. The kind of light that shines into a soul, and promises to stay always..even when the incessant pain threatens to destroy every last shred of happiness that our tired souls have managed to hold onto. Pain is a malicious monster, grappling for power, thirsting for satisfaction, holding on and never letting go. But hope is the precious emblem of a distant shore that exists beyond this vast sea of endless pain. A shore with white sands, healing souls, easy smiles, and a peace that no monster can touch–a refuge for the broken. Hope is the beacon of light that heals the scars that are tattooed on our skin, the hand that cradles our souls with such tender care. It is a stronghold–the glue that holds us together. Hope is the bridge that closes the distance between the pain of this world, and the healing of an Almighty Savior.

So yes. With life comes the promise of pain…

But oh, what a promise of hope that it brings also.

{Day 12}

Photo Challenge (12)-1

Model: Abigail Pursch


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