Having sisters is the greatest blessing. Especially when they feel more to me like some of my closest friends than anything else. Growing up, we would beat each other up, pull each others hair, nag each other to death, tattle on each other, basically drive each other completely crazy. But then we would have the greatest times, laughing about the stupidest things, coming up with the weirdest inside jokes, telling each other our deepest darkest secrets, whispering about our crushes, making up games that only made sense to us, spending every single day outside waiting for the street lights to turn on, sneaking around eating the chocolate chips that mom forbid us to eat… Everything that little girls who loved being together would do. Thats what we were. And we still are. We’ve just become older, wiser, and much more complicated, but still we have the ability to be sisters, and the best of friends at the same time. I am very blessed.

{Day 18} My little sister and I.

Photo Challenge (18)-1


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