Where Will My Feet Carry Me?

Have you ever wondered how many steps you have taken in your lifespan so far? How completely outrageous the number would be? And how lucky we are that we have two feet to carry us through life and help us achieve our dreams? Too often we complain so much about the little aspects of ourselves that we don’t like. A little blemish, maybe an unwanted curve, the shape of our legs, the way our jawline looks, if our nose is a just slightly not the way we want it to be. So little do we stop, breathe in the world around us and realize that we are just lucky to be alive. We take the necessities for granted. We don’t appreciate the lives we have, when someone else, I can promise you, is out there dreaming of living the lives that we live. We have freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. We have two legs to walk, two ears to hear, two eyes to see. We have food to eat, and a roof over our heads. Heck, we even carry around tiny little computers in our pockets that can also call and text, when people in different countries have to wonder every day when they will eat their next meal. We gorge ourselves on junk food, we buy clothes that we do not need, and we take our freedom for granted, while other people have to fear for their lives if they believe in the name of Jesus. I don’t mean to sound preachy, this was just on my mind today. The next time I am tempted to complain about the trivial, tiny things in my life that seem “unfair” I will instead think about the fact that I have the ability to believe in Jesus without fear, and I have two legs to carry me through life. I have the ability to have dreams and to chase them. I have two eyes to help me see the world like Jesus would. I have two ears to hear the stories of people in need of love. I have two hands to care for the brokenness around me. I am so blessed. I have all I need. So next time I complain, I have permission to slap myself in the face. Complaining never made anything better, after all.

{Day 24}

Photo_Challenge (24)-1


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