There is nothing in this world more peaceful than the sight of a sleeping baby. They just look completely at rest. Not a worry in their little minds. Its as if they are able to turn their world off for a while and just be. For a time, we were all like that. Little babies, peacefully sleeping, happily slumbering, oblivious to the world around us. And then we grew up and rest didn’t come so easily anymore. Its hard to think about the fact that I used to be a little baby like that. I’m only 19, yet it feels like it was lifetimes ago that the world felt simple. I don’t mean to be a downer. Life is a beautiful and wonderful thing! But tonight as I put Mikao down to sleep, I couldn’t help but look down on him with envy for how peaceful his little world looked. I’m lucky to have a job which reminds me of the simply beautiful parts of life that I tend to lose sight of in the midst of the chaos of life. Its a joy to watch Mikao slowly grow. Its a pleasure to see his eyes widen with wonder at the discovery of something new. Its an honor to lay him down to rest every night, and watch him slip into little boy paradise inside his head, with not a trouble in sight. Life used to be so simple. When did we complicate it?

{Day 27}

Photo_Challenge (27)-1


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