Fly Away

I caught this picture really quick when I was on my afternoon run today. I must confess, its an iPhone shot. Heaven forbid. But sometimes the best moments come when you only have your handy dandy iPhone to capture it. I go running all the time, but sometimes I go for the sole purpose of being alone with God and getting rid of some of my stress and frustrations. It is sometimes the only thing that can calm me down and get me to a state where I feel that life isn’t conquering me. Today was one of those days. I ran and I ran hard. I got 4 miles down and I only stopped once to capture this picture. I looked up and saw this beautiful flock of birds, creating a victorious “V” shape as they freely spread their wings in perfect unison, on their way to brighter and warmer places. It took my breath away. They flew with such freedom, with God’s perfect masterpiece of a sky as their backdrop. Not a care in the world. One common goal that they were all straining toward. Doing what comes completely naturally. To think that the Maker of the birds of the air, the skies of technicolor brilliance, the mountains with their rugged ridges, would be mindful of ME?? It blows my mind. God was with me in that moment. He comforted me. Put my feet back on the ground and put my restless heart at peace. I snapped a quick picture. Breathed slowly in and out. Then continued to run. Because life is a ticking clock, and we have a race to run, but if we don’t stop and allow Gods brilliant healing to wash over us every once in a while, then we will run out of air pretty quickly.

{Day 28}

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset


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