As a photographer, I thrive in the Pacific Northwest. There are so many colors to play with! So many new places to discover. So many trees, countless rolling hills, incredible blue skies (when the sun shows its face), there are always incredible sunsets and sunrises without fail, and there are always gorgeous puffy white clouds for me to get lost in. I’ve always been a sucker for white puffy clouds with brilliant blue skies 🙂 When I first moved here I was skeptical, because I missed my home in California. But I soon fell in love with this new home. Not to bash on California, but there are only so many colors to work with (as a photographer at least). But in the PNW, I have four solid seasons of color changes to work with. I have the brilliant colors of fall, I have the snow of winter, the multiple colors of spring coming back to the earth, and the lush green of summer. 🙂 I’m spoiled! Its magic. I love it.

I took this photo this last fall when my church went on a trip to the mountains for our weekend Fall Camp retreat. I was going through photos and happened upon it and decided to post it. Enjoy 🙂

{Day 30}

Photo_Challenge (30)-1


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