Peace Out, Spokane

Well, after much saving up and deliberation, I am currently packing my bags and will be boarding a plane tomorrow morning which will take me back to my beloved California tomorrow morning for a 10 day long, much needed trip. I can’t believe this is actually happening! It has been way over a year since I have been in California. I haven’t seen my best friends in that same amount of time. Thats ridiculous and unhealthy and disgusting and I don’t think any person should ever have to go that long without seeing their best friends. But luckily, I am blessed and God has opened the doors to help me to go back to my home and be with my favorite people for a time. It will be short, but it will be worth it. Every single second. I will go back to my little Elk Grove, visit all the old stores I used to go to, visit my old house, drive on the same roads that hold so many memories, see the same sights. Mmm. Its almost too good to be true. Its been much too long, California, but I’m coming home. 🙂

{Day 31} Peace out, Spokane.

Photo_Challenge (31)-1


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