Today I returned back to my home, aka California. Its quite unfair that I have fallen in love with two places and had my heart torn in two, cause I freaking love California and I freaking love Washington too. Its hard, you guys, haha. But I must say, the thing I love the absolute most about California is the fact that it is the state that holds my best friends and all of the memories that we have shared, from the time when we were just little girls, to now, when we are all adults trying to find our way in this world. After all, it is the people in our lives that make the biggest impact, it is the people in our lives that matter the most, it is the little moments of unexplainable happiness spent with them, or the moments when they understand your sadness when the rest of the world discards it. My best friends in California are my people. They always have been, always will be, even if life pulls us apart someday. The three people in this photo are my three best friends in this entire world. They know my deepest secrets, they accept my freakish quirks, they love my despite my flaws, and they somehow love me even when I am at my weirdest. Which, let me tell you, is WEIRD. Today we ran through an airport and jumped into each others arms, tangled up in backpacks and suitcases, with the whole airport staring at us, but it felt like we were the only four people in the whole world. We hadn’t seen each other in so long, yet it felt like not a moment had passed. We stood there at baggage claim, “waiting for our luggage”, when instead we just stood there laughing, talking, screaming, squealing, and not at all acting like we were in the middle of a crowded airport. Thats how you know you’ve found people who belong with you no matter what. Today was absolutely incredible. Just being with them again and laughing with them was more than I could ever ask for. They’re magic, and somehow I am lucky enough to know them. How did that happen?? Beats me.

{Day 32}

Photo_Challenge (32)-1


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