My Three Persons

Adventuring, along with my three favorite people, finding cool walls and accidentally taking cool “band pictures” is what life is all about. Yeah, yeah, it sounds cheesy, but these three people are my soul mates. Sure, we have our fights, but then we cry and make up. We bicker like an old married couple more often than not, but its all out of love. Over the years of our friendship we have developed a certain way of talking with each other that I think it should actually be classified as an actual accent that certain people in certain parts of America can attain, because it has slowly trickled throughout our families as well, hahah. We have childhood memories that nobody can beat. Memories that we look back on and then just roll around with laughter, because we were such little girls, with such small minds and hearts, and such huge dreams, and the biggest problem we ever had to face was solving a fight between us about which game we wanted to play next–Hide and Seek or Murder In The Dark. Its hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that we have grown up so much, and gone through so much change, yet our friendship has survived and only gotten stronger. I will forever love these girls, no matter where the tide may take us. I will forever hold our precious memories in my heart, even if someday that is the only part of them I have left (heaven forbid).

I love love love them and they are my favorite models. The end.

{Day 36}

Photo_Challenge (36)-2


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