It Was All Jesus

Hi, friends. I apologize for my absence on my blog for the past week or so! I simply could not find time while I was in California to sit down and write a blog post like I usually do. But I am back I promise!! I have definitely missed this. 🙂 Heres a little story for you about an amazing thing that Jesus did on my way home from California last night.

Last night when I was flying home from California to Washington, I stepped onto the airplane, completely exhausted, and found my seat. I happened to sit next to a kind young gentlemen (in his early twenties), who was not tired at all and wanted to have lively conversation for the whole 2 hours that we would be sitting together. At first, I was a little annoyed because all I wanted to do was sleep, but then I took a step back and fixed my bratty attitude and realized that God brings every conversation with every person into my life for a reason. So I turned to him and began asking him about his life. Through hearing a bit about his story and the traumas he has experienced, we somehow started talking about Jesus, and I began doing my best to answer all of the questions this guy has always had about “religion” for the next hour and a half, and I listened patiently as he told me all the ideas that he has gained about Jesus because of what the world has told him. I was able to tell him my own personal testimony about how Jesus saved me. I told him who I used to be before I met Jesus compared to who I am now. He asked me “how did you find a way to escape the darkness?” I simply told him, “I finally decided to let Jesus in.” I was able to tell this stranger next to me how much he is loved by Jesus and that He has a purpose for his life. He told me it was the first time in his life that he felt that all this “Jesus stuff” might be true, because for the first time he met a person from the church who didn’t say “I’m better than you, thats why I am going to heaven and you’re not.” By the end of the conversation I ended up reaching into my backpack and giving this man my Bible. I showed him all my favorite highlighted parts, I told him about Jeremiah 29:11. I told him “you don’t have to read this if you don’t want to, but just think about giving Jesus a chance. Because He truly is the way, the truth and the life. There is no other hope besides Him.” He smiled and said he would. We parted ways as two strangers who had opened up about our lives and learned a great amount from each other, in just an hour and a half of being open about our brokenness. I stepped off that plane feeling more alive and energized than I have felt in a long time. I take zero credit for the conversation I had with that man. That was all Jesus’ doing, 100%. Its an honor to be used by Him to show the world His love in some way. After all, it is not my job to save people. Jesus does that. It is simply my job to fully live out what I believe. And I believe in Jesus. End of story.

We are all the same. Broken and in need of Jesus’ love. I am no better than anyone else. Once we all start believing that, it will open up so many more doors for showing Jesus’ love. Because, think about it, nobody ever wants to approach someone who gives off the vibe that they think they are better than everyone else. So, lets all take our pride down a few notches, deflate our ego a little bit, and be honest with the world around us. Honest about our deep problem with sin and our deep need for The Cross. If you think about it, because of those two things that we ALL have in common, we are all the same. We must also keep our eyes open for every opportunity that Jesus gives us, even if we are exhausted and all we want to do is put our earphones in and go to sleep. Even if we are in a bad mood. Even if it is inconvenient or awkward. Even if it is outside of our comfort zone. After all, the people who have made an actual difference in this world were the ones who decided to step outside of their comfort zone, see beyond themselves, be open about their pain, and hold the hand of a stranger who holds desperation in their eyes. If we have the gift of Jesus, we should most definitely extend it to as many people as possible. Otherwise, we are the most selfish people in history.

Friends, Jesus is amazing and He loves you. Bask in that love today. I love you all 🙂 Happy Holidays!

{Day 43}

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