Christmas Day

My favorite photos are the ones that I catch when the scene in front of me is completely real. When the people are feeling real, raw emotions, and they have no idea that I am capturing it with my camera. They may not end up being the best photos ever, when it comes to photographic composition. They may be a slightly blurry in certain areas, or too bright\dark in others, because I didn’t have extra time to thoughtfully plan out my settings. But thats something else that I love about it. Because it reminds me that all the best moments are the ones that aren’t perfect. They’re the moments that sometimes last less than a second. They’re the ones that may not be the most romantic, pretty or perfect, but they’re real life. After all, real life is what we live every day, so why not capture those moments too? They’re the moments you have to feel when they are there, not before, not after. They’re the moments that were made just for you, the moments that put your world on pause for a little while. This morning after my family had opened all our presents, I looked around at the people surrounding me and I couldn’t help but smile a huge cheesy smile. Because they were so real in that moment. Everyone was in their pajamas, their hair was all a mess, half of us probably didn’t even brush our teeth, we couldn’t even see the carpet anymore because of all the ripped up wrapping paper all over the place. Most people wouldn’t call this the most beautiful sight in the world, but to me it was breathtaking. We were laughing, hugging, cuddling, teasing, smiling, joking, and it was perfect. I was perfectly content in that moment. So I hopped up, grabbed my camera and secretly took this photograph of my big sister and my little brother together. They had no idea. Thats why it is so perfect. This is why I became a photographer.

This Christmas was the smallest one we have ever had, the gifts were sparse. But none of us seemed to care. We were just happy to have made it through another year together, alive and breathing. Thats what life and Christmas is all about anyway, right?

Merry Christmas, all you beautiful souls out there. I hope your day is filled with a happiness that takes your breath away.

{Day 45}

Photo_Challenge (45)-1


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