Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve, from this precious little boy. He is the youngest Pursch kid left, and he never fails to keep the Christmas spirit alive. Around this time of the year, you can almost always find him hanging out around the Christmas tree, completely in awe. He is so precious to my heart. I caught this picture really quick this morning when I came downstairs to find him, yet again, next to the tree. He is my greatest joy and my deepest blessing and I am so blessed to get to spend my 12th Christmas with him as my little brother. He wasn’t supposed to live to see even one Christmas in his lifetime, but he decided to kick life in the butt instead and he is now with us to celebrate his 12th Christmas. It blows my mind. Each year he gets older and more mature and he faces struggles that no person should have to face, but he never loses his joy. He never loses his laughter. He never loses his giggles and sarcasm. He never loses his sense of humor. He still thinks its hilarious to psych me out and pretend he is giving me a kiss on the cheek and then at the last second turn it into covering me in spit instead, hahah he gets me every time! In the years to come, he will get taller than me, he will become a teenager, he will start crushing on girls, he will get his first job, he will become a grownup, but I hope and pray that this little man that I love so much never loses his love for Christmas time. His joy is what keeps me going. Especially when life gets so complicated and confusing. I can always count on coming home at the end of a long day, to find him waiting for me at the door with a hug and a kiss, saying “Hi, Sissy!”

Merry Christmas, from my family to yours. I hope this holiday is filled with love, laughter, hugs, kisses and memories that will long out last everything on this earth. Much love,


{Day 44}

Photo_Challenge (44)-1


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