Mathew 6:28-34

This week at church I learned about how completely pointless it is to worry and be anxious. All my life I have been a worry wart. From the ripe age of one day old, I have always worried. About everything. About everyone. About my past, present, and my future. About the past of my past, the present in my present, and the future in my future. I worry about the people in my life so much that I am amazed I haven’t dropped dead yet from a heart attack. I worry for their hearts, their minds, their souls, their feelings, their dreams, their confidence, their insecurities. I worry for their past, present and future as well. I worry if I am loving them the way I should, I worry that I have hurt them, I worry that I am being mindless and letting them down, I worry that I am letting my life pass me by, I worry about all the passions and dreams I have inside of myself that sometimes feel like they are dying. I CONSTANTLY worry about every single thing and I over think every single detail in my life, even when I shouldn’t have worried about it in the first place. You guys, its exhausting. And I know I’m not the only one. We are human. And when so much of our lives spin out of our control, of course we do the natural thing and grab on to the first thing that we FEEL we have a little bit of control over and we beat it to death with our incessant worrying, only making matters worse, making our faces wrinkly, giving ourselves heart disease, losing sleep, not eating, being so focused on worry instead of love that the people around us start to feel like strangers…. Our worrying is COMPLETELY pointless, because last time I checked… we are human, and we are helpless, and our worrying only makes life worse, not better… so why the heck do we torture ourselves the way we do? I don’t think anyone will ever find the answer to that mystery. You guys, we have a God who knows EVERYTHING. Every single detail of our lives. He numbers the hairs on our heads, for crying out loud. He knit us together in our mothers womb. He planned our steps before we even existed. He tells us in His word countless times about the amazing PLANS He has for us….. And yet, we twiddle our thumbs, we shake in our boots, and we waste away our days rocking back and forth in anxious worry that is only cheapening the plans He has for us. We need to stop. Or at least try to. Instead of all this pointlessness, lets do something completely out of the ordinary and instead TRUST that Jesus has it all taken care of. Lets rest in Him. Nothing is too big for Him, after all.

{Day 48)

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