The Three Musketeers

These two were the very first friends I made when I started attending Spokane Falls Community College a year ago. We were all newbies to the photography program and we were shy and awkward and scared to talk to each other, and then one magical moment when we were standing in the hallway waiting to be shown how to use the dark room in the photo building, one of us brought up Lord of The Rings and the rest was history. We became fast friends and automatic photo buddies. We went on photo shoots everywhere, we claimed our hang out spot on the couch in the photo building lobby, and we somehow managed to make school interesting and create little adventures wherever we went. We always automatically saved seats for each other in class (it was an unspoken rule). And whenever one of us somehow didn’t get a seat next to the other and had to sit somewhere else, we were sure to send them little hand hearts across the room and snapchats to let the poor lonely soul know that she was missed. We have supported and encouraged each other in our photography and in our personal lives. We have had the greatest adventures and the best laughs. These two accept my weirdness and my airheadedness (YES I KNOW THATS NOT A WORD) and for that I will always love them. For many other reasons too;) I love you guys. I am so glad I found such great friends when I started attending school expecting to find none. You guys are the greatest and I can’t wait to dance like an idiot at both your weddings someday. Keep it real, My Three Musketeers. Keep it real.

{Day 50}

Photo_Challenge (50)-1



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