Goodbye, 2014

Wow…. This has been one crazy year. I have learned more in this year than I have in any other year. It has been jam packed with pain, love, tears, laughter, confusion, frustration, joy and most definitely learning. I have learned to love better. I have learned that trying to see others through Jesus’ eyes is the only way I should see. I have learned to judge less. I have learned that humility trumps pride any day. I have learned that pain produces the most pure form of joy, when its all said and done and the healing begins to take root. I have learned that love doesn’t always appear in our lives the way we wish it would, and that sometimes we have to say no to the desires of our hearts. I have learned that a heart can break multiple times and heal over and over again. I have learned that vulnerability is a beautiful thing. I have learned that brokenness is a part of all of us. I have learned that hugging is one of the greatest parts of life. I have learned that the Gospel is not mine to keep, but to give to others without restraint. I have learned that there is always someone out there who has it worse than me. I have learned that God has given me a life that I do not deserve in the least. I have learned that He fills my life to the brim with infinite blessings on a regular basis that I do not deserve. I have learned to let go. I have learned to trust. I have learned to live. I have learned that hating myself only cripples my opportunities for loving others. So I have learned to try and like myself a little more each day. I have learned that beautiful people will come into my life for a season, and be gone the next. I have learned that being open about what hurts is the best way to help people. I have learned that striving for perfection is a fruitless journey. I have learned that my sole purpose for being on this earth is to live for Jesus and give Him glory with every breath that I breathe. I have learned that admitting when I have made a mistake is so much better than placing the blame on others. I have learned to forgive. I have learned that sitting under the stars every now and then is good for the soul. I have learned that sunsets are magic. I have learned that chocolate is an essential part of life. I have learned that clouds mesmerize me. I have learned to face troubles head on instead of just running away. I have learned that my family is capable of loving me, even when I fail to love them. I have learned what it truly means to trust Jesus. I have learned that trusting Jesus when life is impossible is the only way to survive. I have learned that God rewards our trust in His Spirit by giving us closer community with Him, which is the greatest reward of all. I have learned that loving others instead of judging them is the way that life should be lived. I have learned to laugh more and stress less. I have learned to smile, because there is already too much sadness in this world. I have learned the true beauty of second chances. I have learned the true beauty of reconciliation. I have learned the true beauty of starting over with a friend that I thought I had lost forever. I have learned more about Jesus’ kindness and goodness. I have learned that alone time with Jesus is the best time. I have learned that saying hello to strangers and hearing their stories is so much better than keeping quiet. I have learned to look others in the eye and search for ways to love them like Jesus would. I have learned to be intentional. I have learned that I am a broken, filthy person who is deeply in need of The Cross. I have learned that love brings pain, but love also heals the pain that love inflicts. I have learned that each person is beautiful. I have learned that friendship is something to be treasured and held onto. I have learned that embarrassing moments aren’t so bad if you just embrace them. I have learned that its okay to make mistakes. I have learned that its okay to be a little broken. I have learned to listen to Jesus’ voice, even if it is just barely a whisper. I have learned to love love. I have learned that God is full of surprises. I have learned that just when I think life couldn’t get any worse, it always does. But I have also learned to keep going and to embrace the little beautiful things that interrupt the darkness and bring some hope into the midst of the madness. I have learned that being myself maybe isn’t so bad. I have learned that I am capable of a lot more than I ever thought possible. I have learned that Jesus is the hope that I cling to, the strength that sustains me, the joy that comes in the morning. This barely scratches the surface on all that I have learned and am still learning… But you get the idea. God totally rocked my socks off this year and changed my life in uncountable ways. Jesus, thank you for 2014. Lets see what You’ve got in store for 2015. I’m ready.

{Day 51}

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