Adventure Buddy

Today I went on a photo shoot, adventure extravaganza with one of my closest friends at school! We found a little corner of the world that seemed untouched by everyone else. We woke up early just so we could grab our cameras and run off into the wilderness to capture pictures of the morning fog. This little place we found was mysterious, beautiful and quiet. Its always such a treat when two photographers are able to find such a beautiful place through which we can satisfy our artistic side. The pictures definitely do not do it justice, but we got some good ones. Adventures with Colton are always the best adventures! We have the best laughs, make the best jokes, do the weirdest things, make each other pose in very interesting ways just so we can get that *one* photograph we have been itching to create. Colton, thanks for today and thanks for always putting up with my odd shenanigans and for only laughing at me for 5 seconds when I fall in the snow. I hope many more adventures are in store!

{Day 57}

Photo_Challenge (57)-1


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