Enjoy It

Nothing brings me greater joy than to see my two sisters sit at the same piano and create music together. The way their voices blend so beautifully, the way they both have an incredible love for music, the way they want to spend that time together… Those are the moments that will never die. You know, we get so caught up in the web that society has created for us. We give into the talk and the petty lies that we are told each day. We feel as if a talent is not truly a talent until the world has recognized it and we have our faces plastered onto billboards. We are a generation that constantly compares. We compare ourselves to each other, to celebrities, to those who are “better” than we are. When was the last time we did something for the pure enjoyment of it and didn’t cheapen it by comparing it to the worlds standards for goodness? When was the last time we practiced our talent simply because we enjoyed doing it, not because we had an ulterior motive to become the biggest and the best? What I love about my sisters making music together is the fact that they could easily be famous for their incredible talent, but thats not in their mind while they play or sing. They are simply doing it because they love it, and because spending precious time together in this unpredictable world is something to be treasured. Friend, the next time you go play that sport that you love, or sing that song that means so much to you, or write those words that only your heart can write, or paint that picture that lives inside your head, do it for the pure enjoyment of it and cast out the thoughts that the rest of the world might have about it. Do it for you. Do it because God has given each and every one of us something that we enjoy. So lets enjoy it.

{Day 58}

Photo_Challenge (58)-1


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