The Apple

A photographers favorite thing is when we find a patch of perfect photographing light. Today a couple of my best friends and I adventured, yet again, out into the forest and just happened to find some absolutely glorious light. My friend Colton and I had just gone to that same spot a few days before and it was gorgeously blanketed in fog and snow, which gave us some amazing photos. Then today, Colton and I went back with our friend Taylor and found this same place fog free and drenched in beautiful sunlight, perfectly peaking at us through the trees. We took some photos and played around with the light for quite a while, but then we found a spot that just had KILLER light. So of course we did the geeky photographer thing, all squealed like little girls, and took turns photographing each other in that little spot. One modeling, and two photographers firing away at different angles. We looked like paparazzi, I swear. It was an amazing day, to say the least. The person in this photograph is one of my best friends Taylor. She was my very first friend at Spokane Falls Community College. I remember on my first day of classes, I sat down at a computer next to her. Our teacher proceeded to tell us to click on the “Apple” icon on the far left side of our computer screens. And me, being the shy, freaked out, completely MAC computer illiterate girl that I was, I nervously leaned over to the pretty blonde next to me and shyly asked “Where is the Apple?!”. Half expecting her to laugh at me, I was completely surprised when she sweetly leaned over and pointed me to the Apple sign. In that moment, I knew it was the beginning of a long and prosperous friendship, haha. Taylor and I are one in the same in so many different ways. We have the same opinions, we stress about the same things, we like the same foods, the same shows, the same music. Taylor is a jewel and I count myself very blessed to know her. I love you Taylor! I hope you never change! Your photography is awesome and I hope you never give up on it. 🙂 Thanks for pointing me to the Apple all those years ago!;)

{Day 60}

Photo_Challenge (60)-1


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