Friends and Photographers

These four people are just too good to me. I met them over a year ago when I started attending the Photography Program over at Spokane Falls Community College and instantly I knew they were gonna end up being a few of my favorite people ever. I am no longer in the photography program, sadly, but they have not forgotten me. We still hang out, go on random photo adventures, annoy everyone around us with our odd shenanigans, geek out about photography, etc. Today I got to go hang out with them in the studio while they did a few of their assignments for class and it felt like my heart came back home. Just like old times, we blasted the music, and danced around in the cove without our shoes on, without a care in the world. It felt like I was taking a trip down memory lane. I miss a lot of different things about the photography program, but I definitely miss hanging out with these people the most. That’s the hardest part.

What I love about this group of people is the fact that we are photographers, but we are also good friends. We can talk about more than just photography. We ask about each others lives and we genuinely care about one another. But they are also my go-to people when it comes to anything about photography. Over the past year and a half that I have known them we have strived to improve in our own personal photography, while helping each other out. They have been such a great encouragement to me in my own work. When I met them, my confidence level was so low that I couldn’t even bring myself to show anyone my photographs, not even my own family. And now I am posting a photo a day! I don’t know if I would be at the point that I am now without the encouragement and motivation that these friends have given me.

So, thanks guys for giving me the best memories and for being the greatest friends and fellow photographers. I can’t wait to see where you all go in this world! I am quite the lucky girl to have such stinkin’ awesome people in my life.

Lets go kick life in the face!

{Day 73}

Photo_Challenge (73)


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