People Matter

Tonight, I don’t have much to say. I have so much on my mind, but only a few words completely stand out to me.

People matter so much.

We get so caught up in hating on each other, critiquing one another, judging the smallest things, that we forget how to love. Or rather, we forget how much we all deeply need to be loved. But I think our need for giving love should be greater than our need for receiving love. Because it is in our selfless moments, our vulnerable moments, our listening moments, when we are able to feel the faint beat of Jesus’ heart. We are reminded of the original purpose of life. The original calling on humanity. To love and to love deeply, with selflessness and openness. His intention was for us love Him and to love His people. How often do we actually do that? How often are we able to pry our eyes off of ourselves and fix them on others? I don’t know.

Tonight I went to my youth group because I am a leader for the Junior High girls that go there. I walked in the door and was instantly overcome with an incredible feeling of love. I was greeted with hugs and “how are you”s and genuine smiles. I felt my spirits automatically be lifted. I didn’t have a good day at school today. I was feeling extremely discouraged and I just wanted to crawl into my bed and stay there for a thousand years. Not out of physical exhaustion, but rather out of an exhaustion of the spirit. It was my heart that was tired. I didn’t feel good about anything. I was feeling run down by the monotonies of my life, and I just didn’t want to care anymore. Because caring so much just hurts sometimes. Then I came to church, and I walked into a room filled with people who were tired just like me, yet they decided to be joyful instead. Their joy rubbed off on me. My spirit was reminded of the good things in life. I looked around and remembered all the reasons why I care so much in the first place. Because PEOPLE MATTER. SO MUCH. LOVE MATTERS. SO MUCH. I shook the negativities out of my mind and I decided that I was going to give out as many hugs as my arms would allow and that I would ask people how they are doing, with the intention of listening to the things their hearts had to say.

I came home feeling completely refreshed and happy. Not because I won the lottery. Not because all the problems in my life had suddenly vanished. Not because the stresses and worries that I always carry with me decided to take a walk. But simply because I decided to forget myself for a few hours and genuinely love the people around me. I looked around and remembered that Jesus simply wanted us to love Him and love His people. Why is it so easy for us to lose sight of that? Beats me.

If there is one thing I have learned about life, it is that PEOPLE MATTER.

So much.

{Day 79}

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