This Little One

A lot of people find it odd that my little sister has always been one of my greatest role models and best friends. Because for some reason, we have all come to the conclusion that little siblings are supposed to be annoying little punching bags that we avoid and only hang out with when we feel bad for them. But this little sibling of mine has never once been any of those things to me. I hang out with her because I enjoy her company, I love her, and I feel that a part of my world is complete when she’s around. If I haven’t seen her for a while, or heard the sweet little thoughts that are on her mind, I feel like something is wrong. Even as a little girl, with her little locks of curly blonde hair and her massive green eyes that blinked so shyly, but with such purpose, she has always been my greatest friend. I am baffled daily by her strength, her compassion, and her unearthly ability to love every single person with an unconditional love that I am yet to learn.

I know this is a little crazy to say, but if there is one person on this earth who could be an angel in disguise, its her. Her heart beats with such sweet compassion, such unfaltering love, such profound kindness, that I often learn my greatest lessons about Jesus’ love by simply watching her live her life.

She has known more struggles than anyone will ever know, she has been broken in ways no one should be broken, she has known pain in its purest form… But you wouldn’t know that, would you? No. Because Abigail doesn’t believe in letting those things define her. She doesn’t wake up every morning and where her pain on her shoulder. She doesn’t live in a pity party, the way most of us are tempted to do. Rather, she allows that pain to instill in her even more compassion for those who have been broken too. She allows that pain to teach her more about her Savior and she rests in knowing that all of that pain has had a purpose, a reason. She believes with all her heart that all suffering can bring joy. She has never lost sight of the fact that God is writing her story, and that someday, her story is going to help people who have been through the same things, and all of it will have been for good.

I come home every day, knowing that she will be there, waiting for me with one of her kind smiles, and I know that without fail, she will genuinely ask, “How was your day?”, wanting to hear the answer.

She has taught me more in her fifteen years of life than anyone else. She and I have never gotten in a fight that lasted more than a minute, because I can’t stay mad at such a sweetheart for any longer than that. Most of our fights have been over food or chores, and we were half-joking the whole time anyway, haha.

Abigail is my little sister, my best friend, my greatest joy, my sweetest part of life. And to live this life without her… Well, I don’t want to imagine it. It was the best day of my life, all those years ago, when my parents brought home my brand new baby sister from the hospital. I looked down at her soft little face and instantly fell in love, and I have only fallen deeper and deeper ever since.

Abigail, I love you. Don’t let these dark times plague you. Don’t let these pains define you. There is always a brighter tomorrow, and you have a big sister who is willing to stand and take any bullet for you. I will always be here to hold you, love you, and make you laugh. You’re going to change the world some day, my sweet Abigail, and I can’t wait to see it. 🙂

{Day 95}

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