I love that there are so many things in this world to love—so many people, so many places, so many sunsets.. So many moments.
I love that love is possible. Love should be celebrated every day.

Why should love be celebrated, you ask? Well because in so many ways, hate is celebrated every other day of the year. Over the years it seems that people have forgotten how to love deeply and they have learned how to hate deeply instead. We are all set against each other, fighting a silent battle to which we claim we are not a part of. Culture, politics, religion, society, race, gender… We can’t agree, because we cannot simply love, and because of this.. Hate is born, and we feed it everyday.

Now, I’m not saying that all hope is lost, and that love has disintegrated. I am not saying that peace will solve everything–only God can solve everything.

All I’m saying is that love has been so warped, so changed, so beat around, so torn apart, so misconstrued by humanity and society over the years that we often don’t want any part of it. If love means break ups, broken promises, empty wishes, and lonely days.. Then we don’t want love. How tragic… To us, love hurts. Love is painful. Love doesn’t last. Love is a liar. So then we self pityingly look at the few lucky souls who have found the last few drops of untainted love that is left in this world and we feed the hate. We encourage it, we open ourselves to it, we fall into it, we let it become the driving force behind our actions.

How tragic.

Have we forgotten that love covers all things? Have we messed it all up so much that we really think the only type of love worth having is a romantic love? Don’t get me wrong, romantic love is great. But selfless love, deep love, real love…. Thats just as good, if not better.

We feel the invisible pressure on our shoulders, we hear the deafening noise of a thousand opinions, we see the wave of shaking, disappointed heads before us and we feel worthless without having a romantic relationship to talk about.. We look in the mirror and all we see is what we don’t have. Our vision is clouded by what we lack. If we don’t have someone to kiss, hold and love on February 14th every year, then we just don’t measure up.

No. That is simply not how it is supposed to be.

We have people in our lives who need our love. They need our hearts and they need our light to keep living. People who are not significant others.

I do not have someone to hold this Valentines day, and I am completely okay with it. Because I feel content in learning how to love my family, my friends, and my God in a deeper way. I am content in knowing that tomorrow I will wake up with a million chances to love. There are hearts in this world who have never felt love; souls who have only known darkness. What a tragedy it would be if I just wrapped myself up in self-loathing and self pity because of my lack of romantic love instead of giving what love I do have to those people.

In the beginning God demonstrated perfect love for us in sending His one and only Son to atone for our sins and die for us while we were yet still sinners.

He forgives us of our trespasses, He loves our broken pieces, He loves us on our worst days, He loves us in our loneliness.
He doesn’t desert us because we are unable to love Him back in the way He deserves. He doesn’t run when we mess up. He doesn’t look at us differently when we fail. He doesn’t wait for us to love Him in order for Him to love us.

That is what love is supposed to be. It is impossible to love like Jesus completely, but its completely possible to look at His way of love and aspire to love that way.

Romantic love is only one of the ways that love can be communicated. There are a million other ways.

Love is so possible, and it is so right. It covers all things.

So thats why I think love should be celebrated every day–because Jesus made it possible when He died to demonstrate it.

And there are so many things to love in this life. You’ve just gotta look for them.

{Day 96}

Photo_Challenge (96)


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