Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah. Sarah is a rare person to find. She is selfless, Christ-centered, determined, and filled with a palpable joy. It is rare to see her without a smile on her face. Every person who comes into contact with Sarah ends up feeling completely loved, because that is just who she is. I met Sarah in my very first class at Spokane Falls Community College. I remember one of the hardest things about getting used to community college was how alone I felt in my faith. I prayed and prayed that God would provide for me a friend who shared the same passion for Christ as I did. About two weeks into my first quarter, I decided to befriend the sweet, smiley girl with the gorgeous curly hair who sat behind me in class everyday, and I’m so glad I did! We became instant friends. Then one sunny Saturday, Sarah and I decided to go on a photo shoot adventure together. I got in the car and we started talking about the weather of course, and I told her about how I had just moved to Washington from California about a year ago because my dad got a job as a pastor here, and then Sarah and her sister both looked at me with complete shock and screamed, “We moved here because our dad got a job as a pastor too!!”, we then went into complete freak out mode and started talking about all the things we related on, how it is sometimes difficult to be pastors kids, and how it has been hard to adjust to Washington. I remember thinking “Lord, you always answer my prayers”. I had found a friend who believed in Jesus too and knew exactly what I was going through. I was so happy!

We became inseparable in the dark room while we developed the film for our Film Photography Class, we would sit in the dark and talk about our lives together as if we had known each other for years. After that first quarter, we lost touch for about a year, sadly, but we recently reconnected a couple weeks ago and it felt like no time had passed! We agree on so many things, relate in so many areas, and it just feels so easy to be friends with Sarah.

I am so glad I met you that first quarter at school, Sarah. We came into one another’s lives at the perfect time! I love having a friend who believes in the same things. We spend most of our time together laughing because we get ourselves in embarrassing moments more often than not, haha. You’re amazing, Sarah and I know that you will be a lifelong friend of mine.

Thanks for going on an adventure with me today and for being such a beautiful model!

Happy birthday!

{Day 98}

Photo_Challenge (98)


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