Meet Kelsie

Meet Kelsie.

This girl is a true gem. I met her this last summer when she came to camp for a couple of weeks to fill in for one of our facilitators who was unable to work the whole summer, and I knew instantly that she is just one of those people who has a genuine heart that is untainted by the ugliness of this world. Our time together was short, but it was so much fun. She instantly fit in and became a part of the team. We hung out once after camp ended, and kept in contact ever since but were unable to get together until tonight when we went out to dinner and reconnected after months, and it felt so good!

Kelsie, thank you for being such an awesome friend and for never ceasing to be such an encouragement! It felt good to just sit down and talk about life for a couple of hours. You’re amazing and I know that God has magnificent plans for your life– He will simply reveal them in His perfect time. Your heart is so sweet and I love the time I get to spend with you. Here’s to many more adventures together!:)


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