The Greener, Brighter Side


Shattered hearts, halfway beating.

Ragged breaths, shallow air.

Fluttering wings, fighting to fly.

Heavy tears, tired eyes.

Dying dreams, aching to live.


Tired. Exhausted. Marching to the beat of monotony and inner self hate.

Trying and failing. Trying and failing.


Humanity is so fragile. So limited.

It is a culture made of hate and the need to inflict constant pain, on themselves and on others.

A constant cage fight, where secret plans of death are made among the inmates.

I see happiness sometimes. Rarely, it shows its face. Its there, yet its fleeting. Sadness is much more loyal in its appearances.

This is what I see as I sit from my seat in a busy coffee shop.

This is what I see as a walk through campus every day.

Maybe its wrong that most of what I see when I look at the heart of man is depravity and self destruction.

Most would say that I have a rather dark outlook on life, or that I am a “cup half empty” kind of girl.

But this isn’t the truth. I am a rather happy person. My outlook on life is positive more often than not. I love to laugh, hug, smile, and gawk over photographs of little puppies. So, its not because I am a negative and unhappy person that I see things this way most of the time.

It is because I used to be that.

All those things I see about the world… I see them, because I recognize them from my past.

The darkness, the lostness… The depravity. I know it all too well.

But I am fortunate enough to know the other side of things as well. The side where the grass is greener; the sun is brighter. The side where the load is not so heavy; where hope is not just a word, but rather, its a life.

I hurt for the world. I hurt for those without Jesus. I hurt for those who have become so accustomed to the darkness.

I want to tell them. I want to hug them and introduce them to the life changing Grace that encapsulates so much of who Jesus is. I want to introduce them to the infinity of Him. The endless light…. The unquenchable life.

Society chalks up such an ugly picture of who He is. A mean, judgmental, unreachable, harsh, unloving guy in the sky.

How tragic.

My life isn’t much. I don’t have much to say for myself. But thats okay, because I boast only in the Cross.

I can’t wait to invest every second of my life into proclaiming Grace and Love and Jesus to the world.

I can’t wait to introduce them to the other side. The greener, brighter side.

There is no greater honor than that.

{Day 114}

Photo_Challenge (114)


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