Recently I have become a part of the UGM Student Impact Team that is run through UGM, and today was my first time having the opportunity to serve. And let me tell you, I am already so humbled and in awe of God’s incredible grace, and its only been one day.

I went to the Crisis Shelter for Women and Children today and I got to hang out with a bunch of little kids for two hours. We did homework together, played together, joked together and laughed together at our inability to draw a realistic version of King Kong. We went to the park and played our little hearts out. We played an epic game of tag, accidentally threw a frisbee in someones backyard, tried to touch the sky with our toes as we kicked as hard as we could on the swings, and laughed the whole way.

Most of the time, it was chaos, but it was beautiful chaos. Why? Because there is nothing more beautiful than watching a group of kids forget their worries for a little while. To watch them as they enjoyed just being little kids was humbling and beautiful in every way. These kids have known heartache like I have never known, yet they have some of the sweetest hearts I have ever encountered.

They have often only known darkness. They don’t know what its like to have it easy. Yet, they smiled and laughed and drew beautiful pictures for me, because they still know how to find happiness in the smallest of joys. This world is all around them, fighting to take over, yet their innocence has still remained, and I pray that it will stay that way as long as possible.

My eyes were opened today. I was humbled and blessed.

God is doing big things and I can’t wait to see what He has up His sleeve.

All things for Jesus.

{Day 115}

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Meet little Johnny. He simply melted my heart.


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