My Greatest Hero

She goes by the name of Lora.

All know her as Lora.

But I know her as Lora, my hero, my big sister… My greatest inspiration.

A fountain of sweetness, an embodiment of grace, an enriched soul, a crystal clear picture of strength, a princess of love, and a giver of joy in the midst of the uttermost suffering–this doesn’t even begin to explain the depths of her.

All my life, she has always given me strength. She would look into my little eyes, see my fears, and without a word she had the ability to shoo them away with one of those hugs that only a big sister can give. Slow to anger, quick to love… This is Lora.

At first glance, you see her joy, her wit, her unearthly ability to envelope all those around in her grace and love. You see that, because that is what she is. She is the essence of love in the midst of hate, the meaning of grace in the face of disaster, the definition of joy in the midst of unimaginable amounts of suffering.

No one would guess the things she has seen, the demons she has wrestled, the pains she has endured, the nightmares she has lived through. You wouldn’t guess them, because Lora is a product of His healing power. She has lived through more suffering than anyone should ever have to endure… A kind of suffering that I will never understand.

Yet she beat it.

She lives… And she lives to the full.

She gives without restraint, she smiles without bitterness, she seeks patience and kindness above all else.

Lora is my greatest inspiration. For her strength, her courage, her sweetness.. Her joy.

But most of all, for her unrelenting and ever-growing love for Jesus. He has always been the most important part of her life. Not just a guy she talks to on Sundays, not just a far off figure that she blames for her scars. No. Jesus, to Lora, is the very meaning and purpose of existence. She chases after His word, and she hungers for a closeness with Him that I have admired every day of my life. It is one of the most beautiful things I will ever witness in this life.

Her strength baffles me. She has every reason to be angry, every reason to give up.. Yet she is the most loving person I know. I don’t understand it. All I know, is that I see Jesus in my big sister. He is her very heartbeat. This is undeniable.

Lora, I love you so much. Thank you for being my greatest hero, and my greatest inspiration. You have already left such a beautiful mark on this world. I can’t wait to see the places you will go.

Love, Your Little Sis.

{Day 122}

Photo_Challenge (122)-1-2


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