Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Awkward quirks, embarrassing moments, off-key singing, horrible dancing, donkey laughs, funny phrases, made up words–these are the parts of people that I fall in love with.

It is not the supposedly “perfect” parts, nor is it the shiny, perfected outer exterior that we have all become experts at creating.

The more I see of your awkwardness, your quirks, your weird moments, your embarrassing instances, the more I love the human inside of you. The geeky-ness. The nerdy-ness.

Society has stood on its soap box since the beginning of time, proclaiming to all who hear that to be “cool” means to be the best, and to be the best, you must not show the you that lives inside. And since the beginning of time, we have chipped away at our awkward parts, hidden away the geeky hobbies, thrown away the overalls that we once unashamedly wore when we were children who were still unafraid of being “uncool”. Before we became a part of the conformity–before we decided to be the same as the next person, then the next, and the next. Before we found the tiny box that society custom built just for us, and willingly climbed inside and threw away the key.

Conformity has become our master; monotony has become our anthem.

We have become an army of robots, walking with blank eyes, completely unaware that we left ourselves behind a long time ago; drowning in the crowd, suffocating in the stream.

Since when did it become uncool to be odd, weird, interesting? And since when did we classify those things as uncool? I wish I had been around for that decision… I woulda had a thing or two to say.

All I am saying is this: society is not the boss. It is not uncool to sing off pitch, to dance when no music is playing, to love video games to a nerdy degree, to be obsessed with anime, to have a laugh that sounds more like a donkey, to wear those overalls you love so much, to strut those nerdy glasses instead of wasting money on contacts, etc. You get the picture right? Its cool to be uncool. Life is deafeningly boring without the few people who escaped the suffocating box and flourished in all of their glorious colors.

Lets drop this “cool” facade and embrace our weird side. Lets be unashamed about it. Lets talk about THAT instead of all the COOL things we have accomplished. Cause I don’t know about you, but I have become completely exhausted from trying to act “normal” all the time.

And lets face it, we are all uncool. Let your freak flag fly.

Let it fly high.

{Day 127}

Photo_Challenge (127)


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