To All Aspiring Photographers and Dreamers

Todays blog post features the first photo I ever took with my first official “big girl camera” (Canon Rebel XSI).

I was over the moon when I got this camera. I think I just stared at it for the first two days, in complete awe that my dreams lay inside that little camera. At the time, it felt huge in my hands–heavy and infinite. I always wanted to be a photographer–I just never believed that dream could ever come true. I know its cliche, but never say never.

By the third day I finally got the guts up to take it outside and tests its powers. For all you photographers out there, you’ll love this part. I had it on AUTO Mode. I didn’t have the slightest clue what all those other buttons meant, haha. But hey, I think I got a pretty decent first photo out of it. That said, I have absolutely no judgement for beginners who start out in auto mode. It helps you to get to know your camera before jumping into all the big stuff. Don’t be ashamed:)

It was spring, the trees were blooming brilliantly, and the sun was bursting through Spokane. There was never a more perfect day to begin chasing my dream of becoming a photographer.

I stood beneath the tree, pointed my camera up, focused it, and pressed the shutter. I remember getting actual chills from the sound of the shutter releasing for the first time. It felt as if my dream came to life in that moment.

Now, almost two years later, I photograph almost everyday, and I do videography now. I have a Canon 7D camera which is INCREDIBLE, I am photographing my first wedding this summer, and I am hired to be the photographer at UGM Camp for the second year in a row. Photography has become one of my greatest loves. Besides Jesus, my family, my friends and my ministries, photography is truly one of the greatest parts of my life. It is my way of expressing myself, creating art, capturing moments of the people I love, meeting new people, and discovering the world in so many different ways I didn’t even know existed.

I am so far from where I want to go as a photographer, but I am much closer than that little 17 year old girl was when she pressed the shutter for the first time on that spring day nearly two years ago.

This is a message to anyone with a dream– NEVER EVER give up on it, even when the going gets rough. Thats what makes it so worth it… When you can look back on the beginning, and see how far you have come. We are all learners; nobody starts without stumbling a few times.

I hope that one day when I am a better photographer, that I am able to encourage other aspiring photographers with this story, and be able to show them some of the worst photos I ever took because I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. We all have to start somewhere.

How about you start today? Its never too late.

Chase the heck out of that dream, and never, ever give up on it.

{Day 128}

Photo_Challenge (128)-1


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