Meet Jasmina, everyone.

Jasmina was one of my first friends at school, and she was definitely my first close friend in Spokane. She feels more like a sister to me now. It feels weird to imagine that we have only known each other for about a year and a half, because it feels like I have known her for a life time. Right off the bat, it felt as if we already knew one another on a deeper level than most.

I remember the day that we had our first real, raw, deep conversation. We were trying out this thing called Camera Obscura– its where you duct tape black trash bags over the top of your window, cut a tiny hole into the center of it, turn off all the lights, set up your camera for a long exposure, and wait for the world outside the window to project onto the wall on the inside to appear upside down. Toward the end of it, the sun began to go down, so the scene became darker, therefore we had to do longer exposures in order for any image to appear. So we ended up sitting in the pitch blackness of the room for about an hour straight, just talking about life. Reminiscing our favorite days, our scariest experiences, the things we have gone through, the things our families have gone through. And I just remember thinking to myself, “This girl is going make such a big difference in the world someday– she already is”. I’ll always remember that day. The rest was history.

Our humor with one another is a rare one–I bet more than half of the time people probably think we hate each other or something. We are either wrestling, yelling, smacking or glaring at each other most of the time. But if they knew us, they’d know thats just our way of telling the other “I love you” without saying it. Its a special relationship.

Today we sat in the car for hours just simply talking about life and it felt so good. Its such a sweet thing to have a friend who understands you on a level that no one else does. Its so refreshing to engage in real conversation. Its so special to have her as a friend, and a sister. I could go on and on about her for days if you let me. She’s truly a unique person, with a fighters heart, an eye for beauty, an incredible talent for creating art, and a soul that is brilliantly sweet and considerate.

I love you so much, Jasmina. Thank you for being such an amazing friend and for always being willing to listen to me, cry with me, or just laugh with me.

Your friendship means so much to me. I can’t wait until we are those two old ladies in the old folks home who push each others wheel chairs down the stairs, just for kicks. You’re my lady. Thanks for being so fabulous.

(Washington did a good thing by bringing us together.)

{Day 134}

Photo_Challenge (134)-1


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