Meet Providence. My best friend, my sister, my most joyful companion. You know those friendships that you see in the movies, where the two best friends have known each other since childhood, endured each other through the agonies of puberty, seen each other through the most painful parts of life, and stuck with one another even when they are at their absolute worst? Then you sit there on the couch, filled with jealous rage, because you wish you could have that? Well, luckily for me, I have never had to sit on the couch and wish for something like that. Why? Because I already had it. God was so sweet, and He gave to me the greatest lifelong best friend when I was just a little six year old. I waltzed around with my long blonde hippie hair hanging down my back, sporting my favorite purple overalls, with my favorite winnie the pooh sandals completing the ensemble. Then there was Providence (who, lets face it, has always been much more stylish than I) skipping around, wearing her favorite pink flair jeans, with her matching pink knock-off converse shoes, and her short little blonde curls framing that adorable little face of hers. Don’t get me wrong, is was not love at first sight, we actually hated each other when we first met, hahah. But soon enough, we came to our senses and realized we were supposed to get through this life together.

I have shared some of my most treasured memories with this girl. From accidentally rolling around in dog poop in my backyard during a game of Murder In The Dark when we were 8, to pretending to be professional yoga instructors at 5am when we were 12 (due to complete exhaustion and delirium), to holding each other in silence as we cried about the things that hurt too much for words to say, when we got to the age that our hearts began to feel it all.

Through it all, Providence has been there to show me the way. To gently guide me, lead me, and tell me its okay. Over the years, life has beaten us down pretty bad quite a few times, but through it all… Providence has never, ever lost that genuine, tender soul that so perfectly makes her who she is. Its the thing that even my six year old heart so instantly clung onto. Because I think I knew, even back then, that a soul with such depths of compassion, such endless amounts of unconditional love, such selfless vulnerability, was a rare thing to be found. And it should not be taken lightly.

Providence, you have always been my best friend, and you always will be. These past two years of living in different states have been some of the hardest of my life, but they have also proved to me that distance ain’t got nothin’ on us.

Thank you for loving me, even when I have often failed to love you. Thank you for enduring my worst moments, and believing in my best ones. Thank you for being so courageously you. Thank you for being such a bright spot, in a world that is otherwise made of darkness.

Your soul is so rare, so beautiful, so untarnished by the pain that has often tried to break it. So often I wake up in the morning and I say the same prayer I have prayed for years, thanking God that He loved me enough to bring me someone like you.

I can’t wait to see the things you will do, the lives you will touch, the worlds you will change. Go show 19 how its done.

Happy birthday, my sweet.

I love you way past the moon and back.

{Day 145}

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