Built In Best Friends

Siblings. They are built in best friends.

These siblings and I have been through so much together. You name it, we’ve either been through it, or almost been through it. In the middle of all the storms I have faced, I have never once walked alone, simply because of these sweet siblings of mine. Even when I am in a mood, and a little hard to love, they shower me with the special love and companionship that only they can bestow.

At the end of the day, these will be the souls in my life who remain. I can count on these five human beings to love me, defend me, teach me, and most of all.. Make me laugh. I swear, the only reason I am somewhat in shape is because I get a six pack from laughter nearly every time any of them open their mouths. Natural born comedians, I tell ya.

Sure, siblings can be some of the most annoying humans on the planet. They can make you wanna rip your hair out, punch a wall, shave their head in the night, or just throw all their clothes out the window… And me and my sisters have had some pretty award winning fights.

But I would lay my life down for every single one of them in a heartbeat. They are the truest love that one can find in this world; I wouldn’t trade them for anything. They know me better than anyone else on the planet, and they also know how to love me better than anyone else on the planet. Sometimes I feel as if they would go to war for me if anyone hurt me. And believe me, they’ve tried. I love them for that.

Lora, Audrie, Rachael, Abigail and Joey, you are the greatest gift that life could’ve given me. I love you so much.

And mom and dad, thanks for thinking ahead and giving all of us a bunch of built in best friends. Pretty good thinking on your part.

Happy National Sibling Day!

{Day 151}

Photo Apr 10, 5 30 56 PM


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