LP + K Engaged!

You guys, this couple right here is the epitome of genuine and kind. I have known these two for quite some time since moving to Washington, and they have only ever been kind and welcoming in every way! Tonight I had the immense privilege of doing a photo shoot with them, and let me tell you, it was such a blast! Right off the bat, they were so easy going and ready to do any crazy pose that I threw at them! A lot of the night went like this “Hey guys, what if we did this pose where you do this, then she does this, then your arm is like this, then you look at each other like this….. Okay, how about I just show you an example?!” *takes out phone and shows example* Both Kyler and Laura-Paige at the same time: “Aww! Yes! Lets do it!”, instantly making my heart melt at their sweet willingness. Like I said, these two are simply fantastic.

We had so many laughs, and so many awesome moments that made me fall in love with this career all over again. Being able to witness the love that these two have for each other, watching as Kyler treated Laura-Paige as if she was his princess, seeing the love in her eyes as she looked at him…. It was such a privilege. This is what life is all about, my friends. Love! All the love! So much love!

Laura Paige and Kyler, the love you have for each other, and for our Almighty Savior, is a rare and beautiful thing. I will continue to pray for you both as you enter into the beautiful journey that is marriage, and I will forever treasure these photos and all the sweet moments we shared in creating them. If I could pass on a couple words of advice, it would be this: Abide in His love always, and never, ever forget to just have fun and make each other laugh. Laughter is loves greatest medicine.

Thanks again for tonight. You guys were amazing! Here is a sneak peak!

{Day 173}

Photo_Challenge (173)-1


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