One Purpose

There is something so incredibly unique about walking into a room of strangers, and instantly feeling as if they are family. Today that happened. I went to meet the summer staff that I will be serving at camp with this summer, and though I was slightly nervous before going into it, all of that instantly ended the moment I walked into the room. Because I knew, right away, without a doubt, that we all share the same love for the same Savior. Because we all share one purpose– to love God, and love His people.

The Spirit was there with us today as we toured the camp that will be our home for the summer. He was there as we gathered together under His name and prayed for the little hearts that will be joining us at camp. He was there as we all crammed together into a tiny van with minimal AC, on a rather warm day, and opened up about the beautiful things He has done in our lives thus far. We talked about His grace. His sovereignty. His sufficiency. His amazing love.

Then when we got back to Spokane, we hopped out of the car and did a cinnamon roll group hug. Thats right! A cinnamon roll group hug. If you’ve never been apart of one of those, you should get on that. It was magical.

Today was filled with so much joy, and packed full of new names and new faces that have already become very dear to my heart. I was only with these people for a few hours, you guys… Imagine how much I will love them after getting to spend the summer with them. I CAN HARDLY WAIT!:)

Thank you all for being so incredibly welcoming today, and showing such vulnerability in your willingness to grow and serve Him with everything in you. He is going to do big things this summer… Its such an honor to be a part of it.

See you all in 50 days!

{Day 174}

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