Beautiful Eyes

I have recently been teaching my little sister the art of photography. A little while back, she started taking photos on her iPad, editing them, and putting words to the meaning of the photos that she took. Every day when I came home from school she would be so excited to show me her new batch of photos, awaiting my approval. But there was no need for my approval, I knew right away that she was already taking some seriously good photos! I started noticing her unique eye for beauty early on, and decided that once I got my new camera, my old camera would be hers to have. In the last few weeks we have both been grabbing our cameras and going out to take photos. She takes a photo, asks a question, I answer, then she retakes the photo, and so on. Its been such a blast. She is learning so quickly! She is so full of talent. Everything she touches becomes magical. You should hear her play the piano (an instrument she has only been playing for a few months)… Its gorgeous.

She already sees the world in such a beautiful way… I can’t wait to see all the ways she translates that into photography.

I’ll remember sharing this experience with her for the rest of my life. Its the little things.

Take the time to humbly teach someone something new today. Encourage them. Breathe life into the people who don’t believe in themselves. Realize that no one is better than anyone and just simply love those around you. Its not easy. But its beautiful.

{Day 179}

Photo_Challenge (179)-1


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