The Road Less Traveled By

Friend, do you ever look at your life, discouragement heavy in your chest, and wonder to yourself, “What if I had just done what everyone else did? Would it be easier?”

I’ll admit, I have asked myself something quite similar on more occasions than one. When I have been ridiculed for my Christianity, my purity, my relationship standards, my thoughts on gay marriage, my beliefs on certain political issues, even just my difference of opinion when it comes to Christian denominations (and lets be real people, that is something we should not be arguing over)… Of course I had moments of despair, when I sat down in silence, feeling so alone, and questioned why I ever took the road less traveled. And this is what I have learned so far: the road less traveled sucks sometimes, its true. But its the most rewarding experience in the world.

On days when I would come home from school filled with discouragement after a professor spent the entire lecture hour ridiculing the Jesus that I love, I would wonder why that road less traveled was the one that I took, and then I would remember the beauty of that road. Sure, it has weeds, it is unkept for the most part; it may not be the most welcoming road in the world. But it is lined with the fragrance of hope, the beckoning of love, the scent of new beginnings, the tender call of compassion. It breathes His truth, and His truth is what I cling to. I would rather sit in a class where a professor speaks badly of Jesus and be broken by her words, than just sit there untouched, believing in what she believes (whatever that is), because I don’t have anything of my own to believe in.

In the moment when a boy that I cared for very deeply laughed in my face when I told him that I am waiting till marriage to have sex and that I am saving my first kiss for my husband… I was tempted to question, once again, why I chose that less traveled road. But now I am glad for it. Because it saved my heart from so much pain. And it taught me to ask Him for strength when I had none. And because there are others traveling this road with me; I just gotta look for them. (Ladies and gentlemen, don’t let go of those beliefs in purity, even if someone tells you its silly and doesn’t matter).

Its a hard road. Its dusty, hot, tiring. But its beautiful. It is filled to the brim with souls who are searching for more. Souls that want a hope filled life, a love filled mind, and a lifetime of adventurous stories to tell their children someday. Stories that were filled with pain, but ended with joy, because the lessons learned from them couldn’t be found anywhere else. Those people are there right beside you.. You just gotta look for them.

It’s a good road, friends.

Lets travel it together.

{Day 183}

Screenshot 2015-05-12 20.43.04


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