He Cares For Us

{Day 187}

Screenshot 2015-05-16 20.20.16


Today I stood beneath the rain and soaked it all in.

I felt the rain drops land on my head, my shoulders, my arms, my toes.

I let it wash over me. Was I hoping it would wash me clean? Refresh me? Sweep me away? I’m not sure. Maybe all three.

I looked up at the gray abyss above me and watched as the little droplets got closer and closer, so quickly, so slowly, so beautifully, and I thought to myself “I don’t want to imagine a life in which I look up at all that beauty and don’t believe in the Creator who hand crafted each and every drop just for us”.

I looked at the green around me, the flowers full of life, the earth breathing audible breaths, and I prayed a silent prayer of thanks. Because He cares for us. He cares for us so much. He gives the earth rain when it is thirsty. He gives us shelter and comfort.

He cares for us, and it is so distinctly obvious in every single aspect of life. Sometimes we just refuse to acknowledge it.


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