Inside Her Soul

{Day 190}

“Who would ever think that so much went on in the soul of a young girl?”- Anne Frank

Photo_Challenge (190)

The soul of a young girl– a place that is deeply undervalued.

My heart aches for the current generation of young girls that are being raised up in this generation. The amount of emotional abuse and mockery that they are surrounded in ultimately leads them to hate every single aspect of who they are, and end up hurting themselves in order to feel something.

Eat less, be skinnier, workout, put on more makeup, show more skin, conform, conform, conform.

I used to be a young girl living in that world, and I felt the pressures every single day. I still do. But I think the worst part of being a young girl growing up in this vicious culture is that unshakable feeling of never ever being good enough. It makes you want to disappear, and eventually you convince yourself you’re invisible. And so often, people don’t even notice. In every moment that we breathe, there is a young girl suffering– torturing herself to meet societies impossible standards, and yet, we choose to turn a blind eye. Why is it that we still believe our problems will disappear if we pretend they are not there? When will we finally learn?

Looking back, I remembered it felt like a trap and I never want to go there again. But more than that, I never want to make a young girl feel that they are not good enough. I want them to know I see their pain. I want them to know that they are seen and heard and that their pains matter, their hearts matter, and their lives matter. I want to tell them every day how valued and beautiful they are. Sadly, because of the damage that society has inflicted already, they will probably never fully hear my words. But I am not Jesus. Jesus is the ultimate lover of their souls, and He will do the rescuing.

I will simply tell them over and over and over how incredibly loved they are by Him. Even if they end up wanting to punch me at the end of it. I’ll say it anyway.

I am currently making a short film based around this subject. It will be highlighting the pressures that young girls face, and we will be taking an inside look at the things that they put themselves though every day in order to feel that they are meeting societies expectations.

I am putting my heart and soul into this film, and I pray it will turn out.

But my ultimate prayer is that it will reach the hearts of young girls and proclaim to them the message of Hope that Christ offers.


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