Bekah and Tanner Engagement!

Bekah is sweet, welcoming, and has an awesome sense of humor.

Tanner is kind, inviting, and understands her sense of humor better than anyone.

They are quite the match, for more reasons than one! When these two arrived to their engagement session, I knew right away that it was gonna be an awesome time. They just made it so easy!

As these two are about to enter into the amazing adventure that is marriage, I look on with excitement, because I just know that their story will only continue to get better. They love Jesus so much and that is the best foundation for any relationship.

Sending love your way, and praying for you both as you continue on this amazing step in your lives!









B +T-14

B +T-15

B +T-16

B +T-19

B +T-27

B +T-32

B +T-34

B +T-35

B +T-55

B +T-56

B +T-57

B +T-64

B +T-75

B +T-76

B +T-80

B +T-81

B +T-83

B +T-93

B +T-95

B +T-97

B +T-106

B +T-107

B +T-111

B +T-112

B +T-114

B +T-118

B +T-122


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