Laura-Paige and Kyler

I remember when I first met Laura-Paige I thought to myself “Goodness gracious, she is just one of the sweetest girls ever. I can’t wait to get to know her!”
And when I met Kyler I thought “What a nice guy! I’m excited to see where God takes him.”

And then sure enough, two of the greatest, sweetest people in the world found each other and fell in love.

And the rest was history.

I had an absolute blast with these two on our shoot. They just know how to make a person feel genuinely cared about and treasured. Its my job to make THEM feel awesome, but they were the ones making ME feel awesome the whole time.

I just love these two. Thank you both for being in my life, and for allowing me to photograph your love! Cant wait for the wedding in July!

Final Images-40

Final Images-43

Final Images-3 Final Images-7 Final Images-8

Final Images-9

Final Images-11

Final Images-12

Final Images-16

Final Images-18

Final Images-19

Final Images-21

Final Images-22

Final Images-23

Final Images-24

Final Images-25

Final Images-27

Final Images-28

Final Images-31

Final Images-32

The way she looks at him 🙂Final Images-33

Final Images-35

Final Images-38

Final Images-39

Final Images-41

Final Images-42

Final Images-44

Final Images-45

Final Images-46


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