Tangled Up In Love

{Day 203}

Screenshot 2015-06-01 20.35.20

Every day we wake up to face another day that is glued together by temporary ounces of happiness, misconstrued forms of love, dreams that are trapped inside our head, and desires that often end in pain. Why is it that the universe thrives on pain? Why do we feel so comfortable in our rebellion? We get so caught up in the politics, the ideas that society constructs, the anger, the rants, the judgements, the stereotypes. Why don’t we get caught up in love? And I’m not talking about romantic love. I’m talking about sacrificial, selfless, grace filled love. Why don’t we tangle ourselves up in this idea of giving out grace instead of hate? Why don’t we look at each other the way Jesus has always desired us to? We are all sad, hurting, lost, rebellious people who need grace. His grace. The sooner we stop running from that truth, the better.


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