Agape Love

{Day 228}


So many things on my mind tonight.

I just spent an incredible week getting know amazing people at an amazing camp where I get to serve Jesus for the whole summer.

I’m on cloud nine. So incredibly happy. Filled to the brim with the Spirit. Ecstatic for what is to come. Loving all the love that was shown all week.

I come home for the weekend and the responsibilities all came flooding back. To do lists take my immediate attention.

Schedule this appointment, clean this room, do laundry, call this person, edit these photos, write this story, read this book, go to this appointment, make dinner for the family, etc.

I feel overwhelmed, so I go for a run.

I see a police man pull his car over next to a family that was on an evening walk. He gets out of his car with two suckers in his hand. He hands one to the little girl that sits happily in a little red stroller, then gives the other to the little boy on his bike. He then reaches for the hands of their parents and shakes them with kindness, telling them how good of a job they are doing in raising such beautiful children. He wishes them a happy evening, gives the little girl a high five, and goes on his way.

I stop in my tracks to soak in the rare sight of kindness being conversed between strangers. A sight that I don’t see often enough.

I come home and get on Facebook. Social media floods my computer screen.. tabloids… blog posts…. angry status’…. happy status’…… vengeful tweets……. happy tweets…….. Instagram posts filled with differing opinions….. heated arguments rage on in comment boxes between complete strangers… arguments that they would never have the guts or smarts to actually have in person.

I’m overwhelmed again.

I shut my computer and put worship music in my ears. I lay flat on my back and stare at my ceiling.

Why does such hate exist? Why must everyone point fingers, hating one another for their opinions?

I think of Christ’s love. His unashamed, always forgiving, always filled with grace, always inviting love.

I close my eyes with tears coming to the brim at the thought of all the people who live everyday without feeling that love.

I think of all the things I have seen floating through social media for the last month or so. The Bruce Jenner/Catelyn Jenner debacle, the wars, the politics, the racism, the shootings, the riots, and now the freedom in every state for same sex couples to legally marry.

I think of the blind rage that it has brought out of people. I think of the words, the blogs, the articles, the tweets…..

And all I see is a broken, sad, lost world… full of people who are trying so freaking hard to find meaning and satisfaction in things that are merely transient. These things are here one day, and will be gone the next. They literally have no depth, no meaning, no life giving worth.

I won’t even begin to explain my stance on all of these subjects. It is pointless and veers peoples attention from the real thing that needs to be heard….

The Gospel. The amazing, completely satisfactory, life giving, life changing love of Jesus Christ.

THAT is what we need to be talking about. THAT is what we should be defending. THAT is what we should be flooding social media with. THAT is what we should be dedicating all of our love and energy to.

To begin to explain the depth of heartbreak I feel for the generation that I currently live in, or the people who have mindfully turned their backs on His Agape love would be impossible.

I don’t know a lot of things, but I do know this…. God’s love is all consuming and all healing. He is the only way. Choose Him.


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